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Much Accomplished and More to Come.  Vote Woody 2014 

Integrity, Accountability, and Leadership for the Present and Future Generations


Thanks for visiting.  As you are aware, we won the 2010 election and began putting our county on a firm financial footing.  We now continue our path to the future. The fact that you are here means you are a concerned citizen who cares about the future of our county. 

Please take a minute or two to learn about me and what we had helped to accomplish for your county the past few years and our plans for the future.


--Ron Woody


Why I ran and am running again.

To provide leadership, integrity, and accountability back to county government.  I now have over 30 years of county government experience and can help pave the path for our current generation and the future generations.  We must communicate and work together for our communities and Roane County.  As your county executive for the past four years, as a consultant for county government for eight years and local Roane County government employee 17 years prior, I have the experience to lead and take Roane County forward. 

Let's work together for tomorrow.  Integrity, Accountability, Communication and Leadership -- that's what you need in a leader and and we have provided.

The best decisions we make together.

 Win Again with Woody in 2014

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